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Seagull Supermarine Spitfire 55cc (SEA-260)

Seagull Supermarine Spitfire 55cc (SEA-260)



Seagull Supermarine Spitfire 55cc (SEA-260)

The thrill and the satisfaction that comes from flying an R/C version of Mitchell’s legendary fighter has to be experienced to be properly realised. So formidable was the Spitfire’s reputation in combat that expectations of flying one, even in model form, can be tinged with trepidation, even fear. This, however, is a misplaced emotion for the aeroplane that united a nation during its darkest hour is, in fact, a delightfully light, responsive and friendly machine to fly, one that endeared itself to fighter pilots from the moment they climbed aboard and strapped themselves in. Well, the same rings true of Seagull’s impressive 86” span Mk.VB. Wearing the colors of AB910, flown by Squadron Leader Jan Zumbach of Polish 303 squadron, this is a model you’ll respectfully enjoy flying, not least because of the heads it’s sure to turn when you power down the runway, lift gracefully into the air and tuck the wheels neatly into their wells.

Offering flaps, retracts, an authentic matt finish, plug-in wing panels, cannons, radiator mouldings, unhindered fuselage access (via a removable top hatch), antenna, pilot, a sprung tail wheel, and numerous other scale details, this is a great deal of aeroplane for the money, one that’s sure to reward your investment over and over as you become familiar with, and grow to love, Seagull's 20% version of what is arguably the most elegant fighting machine ever created.

Authentic split flaps

Factory covered in matt Oracover

Unhindered fuselage access via top hatch

Mechanical retracts included

Electric conversion kit included

Scale colour scheme

Lightweight and tough CNC cut balsa and ply construction

Factory painted fibreglass cowl

Suits petrol, electric or glow power

Plug-in wings for convenient transport and storage

1 x Factory assembled and covered fuselage.

1 x Factory assembled and covered wing set.

1 x Factory assembled and covered tail set.

1 x Clear canopy moulding.

1 x Factory painted glass fibre cowl.

1 x Aluminium tubular wing joiner.

1 x Sprung mechanical retract set.

1 x Pilot figure.

1 x Comprehensive hardware pack (screws, horns, fuel tank etc.).

1 x Electric power conversion kit.

1 x Sprung / steerable tail wheel unit.

1 x Comprehensive instruction manual.

Wingspan (mm): 2195
Length (mm): 1830
Total surface area (sq. in): 1325
Weight (lb): 17.6 – 18.1

Needed to complete

1 x 50 - 55cc petrol engine, glow engine or electric equivalent

1 x 6-channel (minimum) computer transmitter and receiver combo

1 x Propeller to suit your engine / motor

10 x Standard size, digital, high torque, metal gear servos


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