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Udi UVR-1 'Fancy VR' FPV Goggles

Udi UVR-1 'Fancy VR' FPV Goggles

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Udi UVR-1 'Fancy VR' FPV Goggles

Due March, pre-order yours today...

Add an extra dimension to your UDI Wi-Fi quadcopter with these 'Virtual Reality' goggles! Simply download the UDI App on your phone, select VR mode and then insert your phone into the goggles to watch your quadcopter sees in real time!

'Fancy' VR goggles are moulded from tough plastic with a removable hatch for easy phone access. The back of the goggles are cushioned for a comfortable fit and the goggles are retained by an adjustable stretchable strap.

These goggles aren't only compatible with UDI Wi-Fi models you can also use other 3D phone applications to watch 3D movies or play other virtual reality games.

• Lightweight & comfortable design
• Adjustable focal length setting
• Suits 4, 4.7, 5.5 & 6.5" mobile phones

UDI App Downloads
Android App (Download)
IOS App (Download)

Required for Use:
• Udi Wifi Quadcopter
• 4-6" Android or IOS Mobile Phone


Field of View: 102°
Weight: 236g



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